Dish 322 screen saver removal instructions to regain recording device functionality.

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Mar 18, 2004
Press the following 4 remote control keys (Menu 616), which will take you to Updates Screen then, chose Activation Disable!
That’s it no more bouncy ball (Press Select to Continue) Dishnetwork Screen Saver.Eventually you will need to manually update your software version but this process disables the daily scheduled updating process and the screen saver that happens afterwards plus the 4 hour no remote control activity screen savers also.
Warning screen SAVER will no longer be active and on some display devices permanent image could possibly be ghosted on to your display screen, if same image remains for extended period of time.
Why in the world are you bumping this?!?!?!?

It is not a question that is in search of an answer.

Do you think you are helping vast numbers of people who have the same problem you do? There are so many people who try and record E* with their Tivo when they sleep to make sure there are no system outages like you do.

If someone is looking for this information, they can and will SEARCH for it. That is what search is for.

Give it a rest
Many of the programs I record are on in the early morning hours plus I pay for Dishnetwork service 24/7 if I get several hours of outages per day or per week YES I HAVE EVERY RIGHT TO COMPLAIN ABOUT THAT and expect a quick resolution to my problems. Yes every person with Dishnetwork 322 receiver :down who has any type of recording device malfunctioning (due to problems created by Dishnetwork's 322 receiver :no )and wants it to function properly can benefit from this work around I have posted here! :)
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