Dish 322 UDF Remote and TiVo


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Feb 4, 2004
Dish 322 UHF Remote and TiVo

Hi there. I have a Dish 322, two room system. In the second room I have a TiVo. I need to control the 322 but the second remote is only UHF. Is there something out there that will convert my TiVo's IR to a UHF signal that the 322 can understand??

Or am I s-s-s-screwed? :D
I believe there is some UHF to IR converter that you can get, but why bother? You can just use tuner 1 which is IR only for the tivo. That is what I plan to do. Then use the second tuner, which is UHF for the other room.

Also with the 322 you need to take into account the fact that it resets itself everynight so it can call dish and confirm that you have it connected to a phone line (unless they fixed this w/ the new software update).

One workaround that was discussed at tivocommmunity was to set the 322 to dial out around 4 am, and then set an auto tune timer on the 322 to any valid channel at 5 am so that it knocks it self out of the "press select to continue" screen.

Just curious, in the morning have you noticed this screen on your reciever? There were a lot of complaints about this over at tivocommunity, many saying it made the receiver unusable w/ a tivo. However, the above workaround seemed to be the answer. I'm just hoping they might have fixed it w/ the latest software update they just released.
The problem is that I already have a TiVo in my living room that is using the IR.

As for the dumb Dish screensaver, I went into the setup and there is a setting where you can disable it. It will then update the next time you turn off the reciever. Dish will charge an additional $4.95/mo if you don't let it call on a regular basis.

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