Dish 381 DOES work with IR


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Feb 24, 2008
After reading some posts here:

windows mediacenter MCE IR convert to UHF

I got my Dish 381 receiver to recognise my IR blaster. I'll give you the important details and a glib walkthrough, but rest assured you WILL be able to get your IR blaster to work with this unit!

Tech details:

1) Hauppauge WinTV-HVR1600 (w/ remote, and IR blaster)
2) WinTV drivers (version
3) BeyondTV 4.7
4) Windows XP sp2
5) Dish Network 381 set top box (w/UHF remote)

Now when I called Dish they didn't know jack (not surprised). Got messed about with 2 tech support people (I say don't waste your time, they assured me it would never work with IR and that the unit doesn't receive IR).

(This assumes that you have your set top box working correctly with your remote and the WinTV card is installed and working properly! i.e. you can already watch dish and your computer recognises the card and such)

1) Shine a flashlight on the front of your 381 to see where the IR stuff is. You don't want to put the IR blaster on the two light colored looking diodes, but on the big square area on the right (looks like a square indentation with an LED in the middle). Afix the IR blaster now (mine needed scotch tape, that sticker thing kept coming off)
2) Open the BlastCFG application in the ../Program Files/WinTV directory.
3) Set the Device type to satellite (of course) and the vendor Model to Dish Network.
4) IMPORTANT! Set code to 83
5) IMPORTANT! Set "WinTV IR Blaster Source Channel" to 2
6) Use the channel changing bit on the left to see if it's working. (If you use the test next button it will reset your code).

Your stuff should work now.

Couple of notes. If you have trouble try some other source channels (change 2 to 1 or 3 or something) and then use the "test all" button. You'll have to sit there and watch to see the 381 turn off. Then you can deduce what code you need to use (above it is 83). I think something around 150 works as well...

NOTE: I also changed my satellite remote channel to 1 in the system info menu. Your manual for the 381 should help you do this, but I think it is irrelevant what channel the UHF remote is using. Also it is irrelevant what output you use on the back of the 381, I tried composite and component and svideo and they all allow the channel to change via IR.

Good Luck and never trust tech support! You are probably smarter than they are!



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Sep 8, 2003
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I used an old RS universal remote with my 811. Worked fine first try. I think this is about getting the Windows MCE IR blaster to work with it. Never tried that, but then again I don't have Windows MCE. Not sure what I could do with it, using with Dish Network. No HD so I'm not interested.


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Jul 6, 2008
The good old 381 can take an IR remote control, and it comes with an IR blaster inside the front panel. The 381 is also the same as 881, except that you can connect HD inputs to it, and get HDMI output from applicable HD input sources, though the receiver itself does not supply HD channels as its dedicated for international stations. The receiver however can supply widescreen output from SD and HD sources to match new HD compatible TVs.


Here is how I managed to set my Logitech Harmony 880 to work with DISH-381 that was installed with UHF remote by default:

You need to set the UHF remote to channel 1 instead of 11 or 6, or 8 or whatever it is set on. 880 will control the 381 on Channel 1 and 3 only
here is how you set the remote to channel 1
a. get on system info screen by pressing the system info button, you can then view the remote address on the screen, if its on address 1, you done! go to step 'G'
b. on the remote, hold SAT button till it lit, enter new code on the keypad (in this case press the number 1)
c. press the # button...remote will blink 3 times
d. press record button to tell receiver this is the new address
e. keep the remote pointed to the receiver during this process and for at least 10 seconds after, the remote will copy the new address from remote to receiver and you should see the new address on the screen.
f. IF for whatever reason this didnt change the remote address, you must disconnect the UHF antenna at the back of the 381 and repeat the process a-e.
g. When the changes take effect, the new remote address will be visible on the system info screen to the new address.

I highly recommend removing the UHF antenna once your setup is complete.

So now you should have the remote address set to 1, you can now add DISH-381 on your Harmony 880 control panel and it will connect to it like a charm.

hope this will help.