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Oct 10, 2003
I have 2 receivers, a 501 and an upgraded 4900. I have Dish 500 with the AT 150 or 180, whatever they call it now.
I was using the 4900 when I got the 501. Since I have only one outlet, I put the 4900 away to use as a back-up if the 501 went out. I still pay the extra receiver fee on the 4900 so it is supposed to be activated. It has been unhooked 6-9 months.
I decided to check the 4900 last night. I unhooked the 501 and hooked to the 4900. I turned the 4900 on and it skips from channel 103 to 480 and goes to the cd channels then will get some of the 9000 range university channels.
A SW21 switch check shows the odd side polarity on 119 to be out.
Everything checks out properly on the 501 and it works fine.
Any ideas?

I had the same problem with my 4900 after not using it for a few weeks. Some things that worked for me
1) while the reciever is on pull out the smart card for about 20 seconds, then put it back.
2) Unhook the cable at the sw21 switch and then put back again.
Both these worked for me. If niether work you'll have to call DISH to hit your reciever
Yes, go to the setup menu, and do a check switch. If after that you still are not getting the channels, it is possible you need dish to send a software upgrade. I had that with my 2700 after being off for over a year. By the way, I also have a 4900 and it has NEVER had a problem in all these years. It is probably the best overall non-DVR receiver out there. It has Dolby, and UHF remote. It is actually better to me than the 301 that replaced it.
-unplug the cable from the receiver and run a check should come up as nothing
-then rehook up the line and run check switch and it should work.

If that doesnt work, pull out the card and unplug the receiver...wait 30 seconds...plug in the receiver and re-insert the smart card.

Can I ask one question....why are you paying for a receiver that you don't have hooked up? You can add & delete receivers without penalty..

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