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Feb 27, 2007
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I was given a 322, Dish 500 and 2 LNB's (1) DP Plus and (1) DP Pro by my brother - successfully had it activated on my account - and plan on taking it back n forth every weekend to our summer place. ( which they did charge me a $5.99 montly fee to add a 3rd receiver - already have 2 622's - is this fee normal?)

There was an existing Direct Dish setup from ions ago - so I removed their dish - installed my 500 - but realized that there is only a single line running into the house ( the dish is mounted on a pole - approx 150 feet from the main house). Even though the setup is old and is not active - I was able to run a self test and I was able to get a strong signal using the D equipment- so the 6+ year old underground cables must still be in good shape.

So my questions are this:

Shoul I just use the DP Pro LNB?

Will the 322 operate without 2 lines runing into it? (if I am going to lose some channels - that would be ok)

Will I simply need to use a seperator?

Is it proper to run straight from the Dish to the 322 without a switch? (Only looking for a single TV setup)

I assume that the 322 can not be run off the old D dish? When trying to so - it just kept circulating through 119 and 110 with no success.

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Dec 12, 2003
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Using the dish 500 with a Dish Pro Plus Twin and a single cable to the 322 you can connect a separator to the 322 to give the required 2 inputs. Forget the rest of your questions.

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