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May 7, 2004
Thanks in advance to anyone who may help!

I have a strong signal from both 110 and 119 (105 from 110 and 102/3 from 119) yet I get signal lost on about half my channels. However during different times of day certain channels come in then later they go away. Some channels always work, some rarely, most go in and out.

The Dish Network User guide says it is either obstruction, bad LNB or bad cable. How do I tell?

Does the strong signal rule out obstruction? The view looks clear to me but it is possible there is obstruction since it goes through a hole in the trees.
Could it be a bad LNB? How do I tell?
Could it be bad cable? The line in unpinched with no kinks or visible issues. Does cable just go bad after working fine for two years?

This was professionally installed but they have gone out of business and the nearest guy (140 miles) wants $200 in travel just to show up, so I'm on my own.
Do you have just 1 receiver? What model number is your receiver(menu 6-1-3 on most receivers or system info on remote)? When you run a switch test menu 6-1-1 what equipment does it say you have? Is your signal strength stable or is it moving up and down, if stable it probably isn't trees moving in the wind. Cable dosen't usually go bad, but water can get into the fittings and shiny copper wire can corrode becomes gray or black.
Thanks Boba. I have two receivers. Model number DP301. Switch test shows DP-Twin-1. Signal strength stays steady on 110, rocks back and forth between 102/103 on 119. I'm going to go check the cable now at the grounding block, should I check at the LNB head too? Landiss
I believe i'm having the same issues you have. The other morning i couldn't receive the news network channels like MSNBC and CNN. I got home that night and everything was fine.
If you have good signal on the odd transponders but weak or variable signal on the even ones you have a cable issue. If the odd ones are intermittent you probably have a switch problem.

There was a bad lot of DP TWINS that were temperature sensitive. I would have thought that they were all replaced a long time ago but if you had your system installed as winter was coming on it could be acting up now that it's getting warmer. Or it could have been a "good" one that's going bad now.
I have about even issues with odd and even transponders, about 60% with even and 40% with odd. Can anyone tell me how to test the lnb?
i'm having the same problem and i did a search for this on google and found this thread, just though i'd let u guys know... i'm writing this letter to their tech support department:

Over a month ago, I started noticing that some channels on my Dish Network programming did not work. I assumed this was a temporary glitch since it was only a few channels. After about a week, all my local channels were also no longer working, and within the few days after, some upper channels were going out as well. When taking any of these channels, I would see an error message “002” with excellent signal strength, locked and green. After another week, all our channels were giving this error message, not a single working channel. I called and was given a list of troubleshooting techniques including smart card removal, cable unplug, resetting receiver, etc. I was then told that a signal would be sent to the receiver and to give it about 20 minutes. After an hour of nothing happening, I called back and explained the situation. I was told that either there was something wrong with the receiver or the dish, and that I should take the receiver to a nearby shop to test it. I did so and they said the receiver works fine, they even showed me how well it worked on their setup. I called back and explained this once again to Dish Network. They suggested that I climb my two story house and check the two satellites I have on my roof, and switch the input cables going into the switch. This is much easier said than done, and I was informed that they could come try to fix it for a $99 service fee, since I am outside my one-year warranty. At this point I realized I had just barely had my service for what was now a little over a year, literally a month or two. I then found it very interesting that my programming was having problems immediately after my warranty had expired (any repair during the one year period would have been covered). I now find myself stuck with either no cable, not a single channel… or a $99 repair fee which I am very skeptical of. This experience has left me extremely frustrated with Dish Network and has me looking to many other providers in my area of Northern Virginia for better service.
GTI: Understandable frustration
landiss: Simplest thing to do is swap out the LNB, and that's easier said than done because even your best friend neighbor who is willing to help might not have the same type of gear.

Both of you - ask around, check the local phone book, whatever. With a little luck you'll find some semi-retired tech like me who will come on out for a reasonable price. I charge $25 plus dinner (I don't cook :) ) to make a service call.

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