Dish 508 Larger Hard Drive Installation???


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Dec 1, 2003
Hi all...
I have the 508 with the 60 hour PVR hard drive. Can I install a larger hard drive, myself in this unit. ( forget the warranty issue, its over )....

If so, is the process documented? What type of drive, jumper settings, formatting, etc....

I heard its possible to install the same drive as the 510 in the 508 w/o major headaces....
Apparently if you upgrade to the 120gb drive, the receiver will then be recognized as a 510 and therefore you'll have to pay the $5/month. Stay with what you have. Archive tp the PC if anything.
archiving to PC

Applied Aggression, you said to archive to the PC if anything.. is that process documented anywhere?
That just isn't true. I have a 508 with a mated 120 gig hard drive for sale if anyone is interested.....

The sys-info screen does say 510, but Dish has no way to know this. They identify the box by it's serial number. I suppose in the future they could have the box report via the phone line, or modify the software so a "510" requires a special in-stream authorization is function (which I why I'd recommend that anyone purchasing the box also take the original 80 gig drive - which can be swapped in at will).

BUT, THIS NOT CURRENTLY THE CASE. This box was activated under my subscription without any problem.

Archive to PC:

Note, that there isn't any way to get the content back to the PVR. Content can be viewed on the PC and SOME DVD players (Apex). Content is not standard DVD resolution and will choke many DVD players (without transcoding). Expect to take a a few days reading to get it all figured out.

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