Dish 6000 Loses NBA LP Sub


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Sep 7, 2003
Las Vegas, NV
I have a bad habit of leaving my 6000 in OTA mode before going to sleep. I assume this is why I'm having this problem. E* seems to have changed the NBA LP package to the $99.00 price point. My other receivers are showing purchase history, and my 6000 says nothing. They've re-hit my receiver and it still doesn't come up. I'll leave it off OTA mode before leaving the receiver, and I hope that once the free preview ends, I'll be subbed again. The only sign I can see here is that channel 560 says it needs to be ordered.

Anyone else have this problem?
I had the same problem with NHL CI on my 6000. I got the receiver back in satellite mode and called E* to send me another PPV hit for CI. That did the trick.

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