Dish 61.5 and VOOM on the same Dish?


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Sep 12, 2003
Have my original original DirecTV dish (back in the single DLNB DSS days). This may be more appropriate for the Tech Support forum, but is there a way to split the 2 lines for 61.5 (or use a switch) to support both VOOM and Dish.

I want to keep my 5000 (through a SW64) going for Sho & HBO, buty am pondering VOOM as the primary provider. I used to split 119 between Dish & DirecTV with a one sife power passing splitter, so I'm wondering if I can do the same thing here (at least until a Firewire and/or PVR VOOM box comes out).

If the lnbf on the dish at 61.5 has two ports on it then you should be able to use one port for one receiver and the other port for a different company's receiver.

Now when it comes to power passing what you will end up with is one side not passing the power it needs to have the correct voltage to regulate the correct polarities.
My problem is I need 3 receivers:

1 Dish 5000, 1 Dish 508, 1 VOOM
or 1 Dish 5000 & 2 Voom

They make both power passing, 1 side power passing, or no sides powerr passing splitters. I only remembered the one side power passing because thgats what I needed previously on a shared 119 line previously.

Appreciate any more help.

Is VOOM using a stacked LNB? All of their licensed channels (1-21) are odd and only one of their STA channels (23-24) is even. They need to deal with TP24 in some way, and since Voom is off the market temporarily it is hard to get information on how it is set up. Stacked LNBs would be best so they could use simple splitters to feed more than one Voom box in a home or a shared antenna in an apartment complex.

That's a good question and I just don't know. I think this is going to be a trial and error thing. We don't have that excellent of all excellent macatawa site with the dish configurations which would help a piece of the puzzle. I have two one side power passing splitters and a conventional 4x4 switch in addition to multiple Dish SW21s, SW64s, and DirecTV SatC specific switches to play with.

At the risk of talking to myself, I think I may have a solution if the config type folks could ponder.

1 VOOM (will wait on second until Firewire and/or PVR) to one side
1 Dish 5000 to second side (but skip muxing in 110 & 119), used only for HBO & ShoHD archiving, and run it "blind" (no guide)

1 Dish 508 to 110/119 on Starband dish


No superdish headache, No 921 waiting game, No extra cable runs
Drop DirecTV until HD Tivo comes out or an HD Tivo with 169type interface

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