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Oct 21, 2004
I recently subscribed to Dish. I have an HD ViP 722K receiver with a Samsung PN50A550 plasma HDTV. The TV is connected directly to the receiver with HDMI cable. I currently only have one TV connected.

Whenever I turn off the TV, the 722K turns off after 5 minutes. It will turn off even if it is the middle of recording something. It won't turn on again even if scheduled. I must first turn the TV on, then the receiver will reboot. So basically we can't record anything unless the TV is actually on.
Dish can't figure it out, even after a technician's visit. They have sent me two receiver replacements so I am now on my third receiver in a month. Problem persists.

Any suggestions?


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Sep 30, 2006
Great High Plains
The TV is set up to off the power

It sound to me like you have a power strip that is trigger to turn off the rest of your equipment. Try plugging you 722K direct into the wall and see if this fixes the problem. I have a device that does just exactly what you are talking about by sensing what is know as trickle power. So once the set turns of 15 secs later everything else will shut down that is attached to the strip.

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