Dish 811 and 522 or Directv hdvr2?


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Feb 20, 2004
I currently have an HDVR2 with Directv and LOVE my Tivo. However, I do not have a HDTV receiver, nor do I want to pay for a seperate receiver and Tivo (or the HD Directivo when it comes out). Anyhow, with vmcsatellite I can get a Dish 811 HD receiver and a 522 DVR on the inexpensive lease plan (overall, the Peoples 120 + HBO + HD + fees is less than what I am paying for Premier Choice). I know the 522 is not as good as my Tivo, but with the HDVR2 I cannot have HDTV. Therefore, I am thinking of jumping to Dish. What do you think? Anyone have a similar excperience? Also, can the 522 exist w/o a phone line much like the HDVR2 (I have Vonage)?

Also, is the 522 able to record a Season's Pass like Tivo (or the Dish equivalent)?
A few thoughts...

If I read your post correctly you've pretty much decided you're not going to pay for any HD recording gear. If you currently use your DirecTivo like a VCR then you'll get along find with the Dish DVR. If you make heavy use of Wishlists and Season Passes then you'll be disappointed with the Dish DVR.

Does Dish have the programming that you want?
It does have the programming I prefer. However, I pretty much use my Tivo for Season's Pass. Also, after some thought it seems that I really only wwatch Tivoed programs which questions the necessity of a HD receiver unless it records and outputs HD. Perhaps I should just wait a bit and bite the bullet!

Does Dish offer deals on the their HD dual tuner DVR combo for new customers?
If you are used to DirecTV TiVo forget DISH even exists they have no product that is even close. As a DISH/ DirecTV dealer I think you would be very foolish to look at DISH. Personally I own a DISH 6000HDTV a 501 DVR and a 508DVR. I also have 2 DirecTV TiVos and 3 basic receivers. The quality of the receivers and the operating systems are like night and day. The directv receivers work correctly at time of introduction, DISH products take about 6 months from release to the time they can be considered operational. A basic DirecTV receiver can display a minimum of 3.5 days of programming information in the programming guide the better can display 2 weeks. DISH can display 2 days on the basic receiver if you are lucky. On the receivers with a hard drive they can get out to a maximum of 9 days.
Thanks. I guess I have to be less cheap and bite the bullet when the HD DirecTivo comes out.

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