dish 811 receiver

811 HD comonent is great on my Mits

My Mitsubishi 55711 wide screen has beautiful HD via the component input. Also handles the OTA very good, and then their is Comcast cable also is on another input. Comcast has never been acceptable, but have it by way of home association. Have Sat, OTA, Cable, DVD, Tivo, vcr, camera, etc., running through the Mits.
Component output from 811 is very good.
Does the OTA Digital tuner in the 811 work better than the 6000 w/8vsb? My 6000 seems to have problems on some of the weaker DTV stations - say 67 and below on the signal strength.
811 receiver performance

I have read at least 3 posts that claim the 811 OTA digital receiver was more sensitive for them than their 6000. I hope so!!