Dish 811 Spec Sheet

I do find it curious that they've elected to include the 921 remote. I was expecting something more in line with a silver version of the 322 remote, though I don't mind the dedicated transport buttons. Those extra buttons would certainly be useful if they have a remote code to support the SA Tivos and ReplayTV boxes - which would make sense, now that simultaneous SD output is supported.
Funny how the remote has a bunch of PVR only buttons on it. Skip Forward, Skip Back, Pause, PIP. I guess it will work for support of an external PVR or VCR.
I thought that the DVI output was removed from the 811. Also the remote has a button at the top of the second circle of buttons that says DVR, which would lead one to believe that this is the 921 remote.
No, it was the Firewire that was removed/never existed. The DVI has always been present.

I'm pretty sure that this is a "standard" remote that has just been reworked for 811 purposes. You are likely correct that its the same remote as the 921.

My 6000 and 4900 remotes are identical except for the tv/video button is labled sd/hd on the 6000. I don't have a problem with Dish utilitzing a standard remote design.
I couldn't quite make out the labeling on the rear of the unit but it appears there is no RF passthrough. I see 3 RF/coax connectors and surmise that they're for 1) UHF remote antenna, 2) OTA antenna and 3) Dish antenna. This is a disappointment to me, anyway since I'm currently feeding TV's throughout the house via existing coax RF. If anyone knows any better or can make out the printing please share the info w/me :?
The RF connections are labeled: 1) 8vsb TV Antenna/cable in, 2) Remote Antenna 3), Satellite in 13-18V 750 ma dp Plus. Acrobat Reader has a Magnifying glass that can enlarge the spec infinitely.

Use the RF out on the back of your TV.
You are correct that the 811 (and the 6000 for that matter) does not have a RF output.

I was surprised to see that the 811 doesn't have the two expansion slots. I figured that they would reuse the 6000 so much, that the slots would remain. But they are indeed designed out of the 811. I guess that saved a few bucks in the long run.
Cyclone said:
You are correct that the 811 (and the 6000 for that matter) does not have a RF output.

Another easy solution. Composite out --> cheap RF modulator --> splitter --> as many TV's as needed. I'm doing this with my 6000.

Any ideas on the 2 A/V inputs? Passthroughs? No apparent remote button for changing inputs on the 811.

I'm really dissappointed that Dish opted not to put firewire on the 811. I was really hoping to look at this with a DVHS at some point.

Anyone know when the 211 is expected? :) Thing is, that isn't going to have component is it? *sigh*
Thanks guys for the early look at the 811. What is the "Remote Antenna" input used for?
hehe, I put my 6000 behind my plasma and I lost (or was real iffy) remote control, even the UHF. I hooked up the "remote" antenna to a short length of coax and was able to put the antenna in front of the plasma while keeping the 6000 behind it. It worked for me.

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