DISH Adds Multi-Room Music to Hopper DVR

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  1. DISH Adds Multi-Room Music to Hopper DVR with Upcoming Launch of New Mobile App

    DISH Music uses DTS Play-Fi technology to stream music on TV audio systems throughout the home
    App available on all Hopper 2, Hopper 3 and connected Joey clients by February 2017
    LAS VEGAS--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- DISH today unveiled DISH Music, a Hopper-driven feature powered by DTS Play-Fi technology that gives customers the ability to sync music throughout their home using one central control. DISH Music provides a complete, room-to-room music entertainment experience by enabling users to play content from popular streaming sources, such as iHeartRadio, Pandora and TIDAL, via TV audio systems connected to Hopper 2 or Hopper 3 DVRs, and Joey clients.

    "The Hopper is capable of serving as a household's comprehensive entertainment hub," said Niraj Desai, DISH vice president of product management. "Incorporating DTS Play-Fi technology into our offerings provides DISH customers with a premium whole-home music streaming option, in addition to the television experience they already love, at no additional cost."

    DISH Music turns DISH's Hopper DVRs and Joeys into music streaming zones that are controllable from Android or iOS smartphones and tablets. Using the app, customers can choose to sync the same music across rooms, or play different content in each zone. The whole-home music feature can also be controlled directly from an app on the set-top boxes. Hoppers and Joeys will display the metadata for the music being played, such as the artists, song name and music service.

    In addition to TV audio systems directly connected to DISH set-top boxes, DISH Music can wirelessly pair with DTS Play-Fi-enabled speakers connected to the same wireless network. Manufacturers of DTS Play-Fi-enabled speakers compatible with DISH Music include Aerix, Anthem, Arcam, Definitive Technology, Klipsch, MartinLogan, McIntosh, Paradigm, Phorus, Polk Audio, Rotel, Sonus Faber and Wren presently, with products from Elite, Integra, Pioneer, Onkyo, Thiel, SVS Sound and more forthcoming.

    Music services available with DISH Music currently include iHeartRadio, Pandora, TIDAL, Deezer, Napster and Amazon Music. Users must have accounts to access content from these services, when required. DISH Music will also play from personal libraries on mobile devices and is compatible with DLNA media servers.

    DISH Music is currently rolling out to customers, and the app will be available on all Hopper 2 and Hopper 3 DVRs by February 2017.

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  2. heck ya now they need to add Tunein next :) i want to listen to bluegrass country on my hopper 3
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  3. Hmmm, would use the Pandora app. Me likey...
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  4. Why Pandora is built into the Hopper already?

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  5. Is it in the Joeys also? I use the XBox One for most streaming in the main room where my Hopper is connected, so that is what I was referring to.....
  6. Pandora already works on the Joeys...
  7. Hmm, didn't realize. Will check on it at house.... Will also watch and see if my Marantz receiver can send internet audio to the Hopper/Joey's....
  8. Dish can't even make Netflix or dual screen work on a Joey 4 and you guys actually believe they will deliver any of this on time or even at all.. :)
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  9. they have been working on this app for over a year.
  10. How about net-casting satellite music channels to the Play-Fi speakers?
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  11. Actually, I would like integration with Siriusxm.
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  12. add tunein and siriusxm too
  13. Maybe they will come later. Keep in mind that you would need a subscription to Sirius/XM for an app to work....
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  14. How about putting Netflix on the Joey 4k! It's only been about a year.
  15. The 4K Joey will never get PIP.

    But 4K Netflix is coming. (I promise)

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  16. scott will the app will be on the hopper 3 dvr so you can have it on there also too if you do not have a phone to run it?