DISH and Amazon deliver Alexa voice control on Hopper DVR

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  1. DISH and Amazon Deliver Alexa Voice Control on Hopper DVR

    DISH first TV provider to announce direct compatibility with Amazon Alexa

    LAS VEGAS--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- DISH customers can soon watch hands-free, voice-controlled TV by pairing a Hopper DVR with the Amazon Echo or Echo Dot, both Alexa devices. DISH is the first TV provider to announce direct compatibility with Amazon Alexa.

    This Smart News Release features multimedia. View the full release here:


    "We constantly evaluate emerging technology, like Alexa, and its potential to improve how people watch and control their TVs," said Niraj Desai, DISH vice president of product management. "This allows us to design strategic roadmaps and deliver products that make TV more valuable, at no extra cost to subscribers."

    "Amazon is excited to be working with DISH to develop an Alexa skill that offers a hands-free television experience, expanding the ways that our customers can use Alexa devices like Amazon Echo to make their lives easier," said Rob Pulciani, director, Amazon Alexa. "You no longer have to set down your popcorn to change the channel, or spend time searching for what channel the game is on - just ask Alexa to do it for you."

    Starting in the first half of this year, users can ask Alexa to navigate, search and quick play TV content on a broadband-connected Hopper DVR (all generations) based on channel, title, actor and genre. Examples of spoken commands and questions are included below.

    •"Go to ESPN"
    •"Show me football games"
    •"Tune to AMC"
    •"Play the Warriors game"
    •"Change the channel to NBC"
    •"Watch Game of Thrones season 1, episode 2"
    •"Turn on channel 200"
    •"Find Matt Damon movies"
    •"Find The Voice"
    •"Find comedy movies"
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  3. Eagerly anticipating this one!
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  4. That one may finally put me over the edge to grab an Echo. Nearly bought one during the holiday sales, but couldn't really figure out many uses I'd have for one.
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  5. Don't get too eager, could be 6 months. I'm wondering if this will work with Amazon Fire Tv, this has Alexa built in, but you must use Fire Tv remote.
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  6. This is Dish we're talking about...6 months is probably being optimistic! :D
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  7. I like it. I'm not using Alexa for much besides music, weather and jokes right now.
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  8. Now hoping they add Google Home as well!!!
  9. If Alexa is compatible with Hopper and Harmony Hub then maybe I can yell at her to turn on the tv, switch the receiver to the correct input, and then play the latest DVR episode of the Mythbusters. Won't need the wife anymore. Someone let me know when all of that works please.

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  10. Add "fetch me a beer" to that list and I'll agree. :)
  11. Not sure we can help you on that latter requirement. ;)
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  12. We can give moral support!
  13. The Harmony Hub piece is already working.
  14. Please add Alexa functionality to the 722. :)

    navychop, no comments please.
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  15. It would have to be 'Wilma' for the 722. :biggrin
  16. upload_2017-1-3_17-17-7.png
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  17. I'm more serious about wishing it for the 722 than moving up to the Hopper to get it. :p
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  18. Anyone know if this will be a Hopper 3 feature only or will it be added to the Hopper w/Sling (Hopper 2?)
  19. The last sentence of the story above says "broadband-connected Hopper DVR (all generations)", so apparently the plan is for it to work on all flavors of the Hopper! :)
  20. I like the innovation bug that Dish has caught. However, they may be better suited to resolving current Hopper3 software issues. Why introduce new issues when the current system still needs tending too.
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