Dish and Comcast?

i also saw the same arttcle on tvnewscheck a couple days ago and i posted in the slingtv forum part.
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Well, the cable cos. were saying some time ago that they consider themselves "ISP's" and not providers of TV services. This action by Comcast confirms the cable cos. view. Comcast seems more interested in the international content, but offering Slng's full slate is telling. Comcast would rather keep customers even if it means people choosing to use SlingTV instead of losing customers to SlingTV.

However, no OTT MVPD can be nearly as robust as cable or sat MVPD's who offer local storage of Terribytes of HD programming along with a true DVR experience of manipulating Live TV and multiple viewers (16 tuners, etc.) as well as streaming to users, and on and on. But many would give up such a robust service for the lower price and OTT's meeting their less demanding needs.

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