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Jun 5, 2020
Las Vegas, NV
I use the app on various Android tablets and phones. My primary tablet died yesterday so I switched to a backup unit that hadn't been used for a while. Overnight it downloaded the new verison. I had blocked the automatic download on other units because it was so bad.

Well, I decided to try it again since there's been a few updates.

1. I started watching a program I recorded last night. My recordings start early. So I used the (well hidden as compared to previous versions) "skip forward 30 seconds". It took 45 freakin' seconds to skip 30 seconds of material!!!

2. The DVR program list often includes programs that have been deleted from the main Hopper.

3. The DVR program list often does not show programs that are still on the main hopper.

For 2&3 refreshing the app does not help (ie, square button, close all programs). (The feature of pull down at the top of the window to refresh content no longer works...)

When will dish withdraw this? It's horrible! I went back to a 6.6.12 sideload.

Does Dish watch this forum for reports? I will also try sending it to the email address

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