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Dish Anywhere is showing a DVR recording that is not present on my receiver. It is showing a recording for "Brain Dead" that was supposedly recorded on 08-07-2016. I have never watched or recorded that show. If I try to play it, Dish Anywhere freezes up. If I erase it, it erases from the DVR recording list, but then if I exit and restart Dish Anywhere, the phantom recording of Brain Dead shows up again. Sometimes, when I try to erase it, Dish Anywhere reports that "there is no recording of that type" present.

This happened to me a long time ago when my broken HWS was replaced by a refurbished unit. The refurbished receiver had about a dozen phantom recordings that could not be played or erased. Those dozen recordings stayed in the DVR list for about 2-3 months, then they suddenly disappeared, and never reappeared.

The phantom recording does not show up when I am at my TV using the HWS receiver, it only shows up with Dish Anywhere. Dish Anywhere must use a very strange method to determine what is on your DVR.

I posted the following in another thread but I am repeating it here because the phantom recording appeared after this event occured:

Last Friday when I turned the TV on, the Dish receiver was displaying the dreaded "Your timers have been saved but any recordings have been lost" message on my HWS. I tried resetting, and unplugging/re-plugging the receiver but that did not help. I was forced to reformat the drive, losing all of my recordings.

This same thing happened on August 15, 2016, and I posted about it on this forum:

For the 5 months since that problem occurred, the HWS has been working fine, so I thought the problem was just a one-time glitch, but now it has occurred again. If the drive was really bad, would it work correctly for 5 months and then fail, or is this another Dish programming failure?

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