Dish can't answer this, maybe someone here?


Oct 10, 2007
Denver, CO
Okay all. I have an HD question that Dish cannot answer so I am hoping that someone here can. I like to watch the Rockies of Fox Sports Net, channel 414 here in the Rockies, and I want to know why I don't always get HD when the game starts? Dish tells me that the broadcaster is not sending in HD but Fox is saying that all of there games are in HD and to top it off I have discovered that some times anywheres between 20 min to an hour and a half all of a sudden the HD version will be there. SD always starts when it's suppose to. Why the delay with HD part of the time?


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Mar 14, 2008
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This issue is on Dish's end I believe. You're not the only customer to notice this and be upset by it. I'm not sure what Dish's reasoning is behind it. It's not on all games though. Every Cubs game I've ever watched on Comcast SportsNet Chicago was in HD.


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Oct 3, 2008
Dish doesn't have the capacity to do all of the games in HD. They have told me the same thing that they weren't given the HD signal from the broadcaster. Thats why the RSN's are not fulltime HD like Direct is. They only have a certain amount of spots for sports HD so you don't really know until game time or later if you will get HD. They say maybe next year they will have all games in HD but I wouldn't hold my breath.


Oct 10, 2007
Denver, CO
Ahhh, so that makes more sense. When I finally do get HD it is because another HD show that was already running has ended and the bandwidth is now available. Well the sold me my sports in HD, wonder if I should ask for a refund :)

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Sep 7, 2003
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DISH is very sloppy with its HD sports feeds. They can try blaming it on the broadcaster but in the end its THEM. If DIRECTV is showing the game in HD and it starts on time then it is NOT a broadcaster problem, its a DISH problem.

Whoever is programming the timers to show the games needs to find a new job as this year they are missing many HD games, and in a lot of cases they can't say there wasn't enough bandwidth as the other backup HD channels were showing the Dish HD logo.

DISH really needs to get on the ball and use the bandwidth it has and show the HD games and events being shown.

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