Dish coming in 2 weeks, what kind of setup am i likely to get ?


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Jun 5, 2004
Dish called me and made me an offer i couldn't refuse, free equipment, free install, $50 off first months bill, and no contract.

So I'm getting a 522, a 510 and a 301. My question is what kind of dish are they likely to bring ? Is it likely to be dishpro or do i have to add that on after the fact ? I really like the idea of being able to split the runs finnaly and not having to have a seperate run from dish to each box.

How much coax with the installer run as part of the install ? Also it looks like the 510 isn't a very good receiver, would i be better off buying a 721 and returning the 510 ? Having trouble finding a 721 review even though its an older unit ..

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