Dish contract ends 28Apr2024 - any reason to renew?

Agree with Ilokey. The first threat shows the monthly fee is going up by $8 assuming the fees stay the same.
If you do nothing but watch tv constantly ( nothing wrong with that, a personal choice) and so many channels interest you why not ?
Satellite tv is still an inexpensive option for most people.
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I believe if you were to read the post, he was saying $8/month.
From the post-

My 120+ contract with Hopper & 2 Joey 4s expires 28Apr, at $89/month, including fees.

Is re-up offer of $97/mo (+ fees, but not sure of total)
$89 to $97 is indeed $8, but then the fees are extra, so more then $8.
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Well, when I called to cancel in February and was quite content in doing so, after canceling and "Enjoying a Fabulous Rush of Freedom", she asked as they do, "Is there anything else I can do for you?" I said, "Not unless you can give me back my old pricing that I should still be at prior to the last time I called in?"

Her, "Let me take a look" . . . "Done!"

Me, "Really!!!"

Her, "But only for One Year."

Me, "Can't get that on a Two Year deal?"

Her, "Nope."

Me, "OK, I guess you have me for one more year . . . "

Her thinking to herself, "SUCKER!"
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The reason I stick with Dish is the Hopper 3, its such an awesome piece of tech. I also have the firestick which has a better quality picture than dish to my old eyes anyway, especially in 4k. If they have to discontinue service, so be it, I will stream full time Good luck Dish, hope you come up with a solution
Man, I still have the 2012 Carling Cup final on my EHD. Three or four Super Bowls. And I still need to watch The Godfather Part II, which I recorded way back then as well.
Like you I have several Super Bowls, Olympics, and various programming on my EHD. Do I look at them often, not really. If DISH goes away as a company those recordings could very well go away as well. Maybe I could still watch them on my future defunct Hopper 3. I guess we'll see.
My 120+ contract with Hopper & 2 Joey 4s expires 28Apr, at $89/month, including fees. Even though the local ABC affiliate's GUIDE display duplicates the CW channel's listings (can't find anyone at Dish to fix once again, after "brittanygarden" left the satelliteguys scene), I still like Dish for news, sports & locals, as well as superior DVR (back 10 sec, fwd 30 sec, perfect for watching recorded football game in 1 hr).

Am I nuts to renew, based on financial situation?

Is re-up offer of $97/mo (+ fees, but not sure of total) + immediate $40 credit a good deal?

--Scott in Tucson

UPDATE: I did not renew my contract when it expired Apr 28, nor did I turn off the service.

I agree with several of you that the DVR is the best thing about DISH, though it seems buggier than before.

The rate increased just $6/month, so I guess I'll just keep it, at least for now. Thanks for your advise and consent!