Dish Cutting Retaler incentives.


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Jan 16, 2004
Retailers are talking a hit on commission payments and other incentives this year. This may cause some retailers to cut cost on installation cost and other customer service issues. Any Retailers with any ideas how we should reverse this trend?
Yeah, charge the customer for anything extra you have to do beyond what E* pays.

We already do this with D*.
D* doesn't give anything extra to the dealers for the extra receivers they want you to give away but we have to pay extra for - you actually lose money the more receivers you give away. They pay for the installation on the 3rd receiver ($40) but don't give enough to cover the installation on the 2nd ($25). Figure that one :confused:
So rather than play D*'s game - we give one receiver away free, 2 cost the customers $30, 3 cost the customers $50. Our customers don't mind paying the extra to get it from us and have us install it. The ones that do, can go get it for free, have a kid drill the dish thru the middle of the roof with cables everywhere, and when they have problems in the future can call us and pay a $50+ service call to fix it right.

I haven't heard anything yet about these cutbacks on commission. Could you elaborate a little more.
I have already started charging extra for some of these SuperDish installations (depending on the difficulty and what is involved with getting the Dish installed) because of how expensive the shipping is on them then having to use a pole on a lot more of the installs if not most. There is less room for keeping the install at a free pricepoint when you make less money right off the bat than what the Dish 300 or Dish 500 does.

Not only that but they are more complex to set up and you have more wire connectors you have to use along with more wire and more time. There is more involved with getting a SuperDish setup than the Dish 300 or Dish 500 because of it's size and weight. The extra time it takes alone takes away from the number you can do each day reducing profitability.

Many do not want to pay for the upgrade since it has been advertised so many times about how it is free. Not only this but Dish has not paid some of their retailers for the SuperDish upgrades and I got paid for one of three so I choose to wait and see if I have any problems getting the other payments.

Not only this but we have to buy a receiver with every SuperDish and then you have the shipping on those as well and that much more of a loss if you have more receivers than what you can sell. The combination of all of these things plus the retailer backcharge period being extended is going to make things more rough for some. You can only go so cheap on an install especially the SuperDish installation before you run into problems with the SuperDish being able to work correctly due to not being mounted correctly on strong enough boards if they do not want to use poles, among other things.
Bubbaclyde I haven't seen DISH post any real reduction in payments but they have increased the dealers chargeback time period from 230 days to 360 days which means the retail customer will be on the hook longer even with DISH'S new no commitment advertising.
I agree with Scott, that is the place where most retailer discussions go on but I have seen more retailers post in the consumer forums as of late.
Dont get me wrong, I am REALLY happy to see more and more retailers posting here. :)

I just want to urge all dealers to keep sensative dealer information (such as how much you pay for equipment and other sensitive dealer information which should only be knoen between the retailer and Echostar)

I sort of have permission to post my live Retailer Chat updates because I know enough to post only the news of interest to the consumer and not the sensitive dealer only information.
Agreed. It is at a disadvantage to the retailers for consumers to know what they pay for products plus there are costs in addition to that in which consumers may not know and information that consumers are not supposed to know or at least yet.
Direct TV is raising the price (or paying less) the price of each 2nd or more receiver each by $10 to $15 less Starting next Month.
ScottChez said:
Direct TV is raising the price (or paying less) the price of each 2nd or more receiver each by $10 to $15 less Starting next Month.

What does this mean?
If they were to pay retailers less for each additional receiver by that much I would expect some of the retailers/installers to pass the cost along to their customers. Looks like DirecTv now expects their retailer/installers to install multiple receivers for about the same price as one.

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