Dish Doles Out Digital Antennas as Retrans Battle Looms


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I had a couple of those, at a prior home and office.

Worked PDG. Said to be omni, but I suspect they are at least somewhat directional.

BTW, they are NOT named after stealth aircraft. They pre-dated those. They can be mounted under eaves/soffits, and are not so visible.

WHOOPS! On edit, I see the Stealthtenna name has been repurposed. The image above is NOT the antennas I bought. Mine were bat wings. Looks like mine is called the stealthtenna 3010 now.

And the RG-6 I bought at HD was of higher quality than what I bought at an electrical supply house. Go figure!


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Jun 14, 2014
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In some cases antennas need to be installed outside in order to get enough signal
Dish hasn't said they would provide or install that kind of antenna for free.
Dish hasn't said that, but they actually did that. That is how I got my rooftop antenna in 2006, during the whole distant networks shut-down debacle. So, Dish has done that type of thing in the past.


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I believe they were actually installing the Antennas for people. I stay at a hotel right near providence for work and there has been tons of fish tech staying there. I asked one of the techs what they were all doing up here and he said switching people to OTA due to locals going away

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