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Oct 24, 2003
Hi all,

I am curious, has anybody subscribed to this magazine? It is wor the $30+ to get? I can't use the cable guide that comes in my newspaper on sunday.


I wouldn't spend the money. I got a free subscription to it for signing up friends/relatives with the club Dish deal. We got the first issue right around Christmas. It was the January issue so it was useless until January 1. It got buried under a bunch of catalogs and other junk and I just happened to run across a day or two ago. We haven't used it once, haven't looked for it once. We've been Dish subscribers for several years and have done without a guide of any kind, so it 's just not something we need. Back in the day though, when we were with Primestar, they gave you a guide as part of your subscription. Of course, we started using it and got used to having it, so we liked it. But, with Dish, if you don't use one now, save the money.

I've been using it since I began with DishNetwork. At $30 annual, it's pretty cheap, about 58 cents a week.

My wife could not do without it. We have AEP and there are so many channels that you need the guide keep you straight.
Check the link below.....Since this guide is mailed weekly it is more up-to-date. The layout is ideal, and since I sub to AEP and have a 721 I am able to watch stuff I would otherwise miss but still pay for. Granted, it is more expensive, but so is my DISH sub.

The guide is VERY complete. It has detailed listings for all (or at least almost all) channels. I'm holding the January 2004 copy right now. It has 354 pages (that's right - 354).

The section which lists the movies is 50 pages all by itself.

Most of the remainder is daily guides, of eight pages per day.

My only real problem with it is that it's too big.

I subscribe to it monthly, at $3.95 per month. You might want to give it a try to see if you like it. I don't know if E* will charge you the $5.00 "downgrade" fee if you cancel it, however.
I have several, what is your address?

I personally do not think it is worth the money unless you really dont like using the EPG, like to look more than two days in advance (9 days for those with DVR receivers), or like to read the things that are in them.

They do not charge a $5.00 downgrade fee. Also they will sometimes give you a free month to try it out. As a retailer they asked me if I wanted to buy them and I told them if they sent me one each month I would try to sell them for them and they sent them to me for free for a while then eventually they quit sending them to me.
Scott Greczkowski said:
Does anyone have an old copy of Dish Entertainment Magazine they can send me?

I would be interested in seeing a copy. :)
It looks the same as any of the current cable guides published by Tribune Media Service.

I used to subscibe. However, it's so much easier just to use an online guide (like the one available from Tribune Media Service at or the EPG.

The one think I liked about the guide was the alphabetical movie listings for the month (located at the back of the guide). You could quickly look through the guide and see if the movie you wanted to watch was playing that month and on what channel(s).

The tv listings are printed on black and white newsprint. However, there are about 16 pages of full color editorial content at the front of the guide.

If someone would like to see it, I can scan a few pages and put them on my website.

Couldn't one save it for browsing offline to have it for the whole month whether you are online or not or would that take up too much space on a computer to do so?
The online guide available through the Dish website works better than the one located on I could not find a link when I was posting before. They moved the link on the Dish Network site (from the bottom of the page to near the top).

The guide can be found here:


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