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Apr 14, 2006
Normal, IL
I just checked the Dish Website and they now list the new, HGHD, NFLHD, StarzHD, and NGHD channels.

Interesting - there is a discrepancy between the free preview info in the program guide that says to upgrade to HD Gold by July 7th to continue to get National Georgraphic HD; yet, the new listings for all the HD tiers includes NGHD in its listing;

I am guessing that the program guide's July 7th cut-off is more accurate.

I am bummed that they decided to start tiering the HD channels; it would be really nice if I could just buy the stand-along HD package, and then a la carte the few SD channels I ever watch (Sci Fi, Spike, and a few of my kid's channels like Nick). Oh well, I am glad to have more HD regardless - and I guess I'll just need to upgrade to gold in July.

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