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Oct 17, 2003
Well it's that season again and seeing as how I spent about 45 minutes throwing snowballs at my dish last night to clear it (It's a chimney mount on a 12 pitch roof with ~ 3' of snow currently covering it) I'm wondering about experiences anyone has had with the dish heaters.

Any recommendations either way?
Funny, its 83 degrees today in Washington. :D

Smammon, You must live in a snow prown area to have 3' of snow this early in the season. I'd seriously consider relocating the Dish to an area where it won't get covered with snow instead of spending any $$$ on a heater.
Snow country? Yep I'm right smack in the middle of WY. Still coming down today in fact. I'm just hopefull that we will see the ground again before spring. Haven't raked leaves yet either...

I originally put the dish where I could brush it off. Worked out well untill summer vegitation kicked in. Only place that has a clear view is the middle of my roof. Believe me I looked too. Don't relish that roof even when it's dry and clear. Steep pitch, shakes, with a 3 story drop to concrete in the back... Even the pro installer I had do my last upgrade was spooked.
hmm, well I don't know what to say then other than good luck and hopefully it won't give you problems over the Winter.
I have had a dish heater for several years. It works well. It has a thermostat built into it and an on off switch. Since I have had it I have not had any problems with snow other than when I forgot to turn it on. It is easy to install. Take the four bolts out and remove the dish. Let it warm up. Then stick the heater on the back of the dish. This can be done inside.
Excellent news! Do you remember the brand? Also, what did the kit include for a power cable...
I bought it three or four years ago on E-bay. It came with about 100 feet of power cable which is the size of an inside extension cord maybe 16 or 14 ga. The unit has a DC power supply that plugs into the wall. The power supply doesn’t have a brand and it is a little cold to climb on the roof to see if there is a brand on the heater.


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