Dish Home Protection Plans Changes 3/23

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  1. This is true. I believe that if you have LNB drift or some other issue that is beyond your control, they'll come fix it at no charge. They always have for me. I think the Protection plan is mostly a revenue generator for Dish
  2. For the record, since my house has wheels, I cannot have a Protection Plan. In the early years, I did have the plan for about 7 years before the policy eliminating the plan for house with wheels. I calculated the shipments and service calls I didn't pay for during that time and it was about equal to what I had paid for the Protection Plan.

    So you have to look at the Protection Plan as insurance. You can make little payments every month or write big checks once in a while.
  3. In all the years I've had Dish, off and on for 18 years, I've never had to write them a big check, except for eating an ETF one time due to early cancellation. They'll take care of you when the problems aren't your fault. Sometimes that means adding Protection Plan for one month then removing it. Even their CSR's will tell you this is an option. I'd never carry it all the time.
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  4. Question. Are the "Gold" Identity and internet security features part of a required Dish satellite Internet account, or are the features available to anyone?
  5. All CSR could say about the new Protection plan is that it starts 23 March and we don't have any other information about it yet.
  6. If you were not a dish subscriber why would you be interested?

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  7. Geez! I have Dish for TV, but don't have their satellite Internet service. The identity feature appears to be a bargain, if it applies any Internet service or identity theft.
  8. Mine is $8 as well.
    Mine was only added December when I did my Hopper3 upgrade.
    So if its $8.99 now, than it clearly just increased.

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  9. I just added DHPP at the beginning of February and I am being charged $8.00 per month ...
  10. I have been with DISH since September 2007. Went thru all my bills to see what I have been paying for the protection plan. It has had a price increase three times since I joined DISH.
    Sep 2007 $5.99
    Mar 2010 $6.00
    Jun 2012 $7.00
    Jun 2014 $8.00
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  11. I'd be willing to bet that those who are paying $8 will continue to get it at that price. Drop it and add it back the price will be $8.99.
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  12. Other than price increases(like this one)why would you not put on the protection plan when you need a service call and then drop it after the penalty period?
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  13. probably cheaper to just pay the service call..they have all the angles figured out
  14. Not normally - but you are close. They may know a certain percentage don't drop it after the waiting period.
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  15. I believe the minimum is 6 months.You need truck roll.You pay $95.I"ll be generous and say you have no more problems for six months.or You need truck roll.Over 6 months you pay $54 plus $15(truck Roll)=$69.Also you won't get much of an argument if they have to come back in let say 103 days.Where they make money is people not cancelling.As Tampa8 just said
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  16. And that is the idea of every insurance policy offered by every company in every industry. You price it so you bring in more money then you pay out. That should not be a surprise to anyone.
  17. You'll likely to be paying for 2nd, 3rd, and maybe 4th replacement. :). Also includes the discounted tech visit with used to be $99 withoug Dish Protection :).
  18. OK, now Dish joins AARP and other entities willing to sell its access to millions of its customers for providing the 3rd party some business: Dish's own customers. It's unfortunate trend, like our utility companies providing access to thsoe phoney baloney 3rd party insurance which claim to cover you when pipes on your property stop working or explode or whatever, but their record of coverage is almost NIL.

    I admit, if the 3rd party offered a service I need or want, I might consider it, but I have no need nor want of such 3rd party services relating to Identity Theft protection when such services don't really provide such protection. We have FROZEN our accounts at the major credit recording agencies and that goes FAR MORE to prevent the costs of Identity Theft than any of these services have ever done. Google LifeLock and be shocked.

    As for stuff on my PC: I use Malwarebyte, Windows Defender, and a few extenstions to my browsers that prevent unwanted scripts, certain cookies, sending out false headers, Ublock Origin, and Dissconnect, as well as configuring my browser from leaking all sorts of information, and all FREE (except I do pay for real-time Malwarebytes, perhaps I shouldn't, but I'm OK with that ONE expense). And BTW, Anti-Virus software can be a great big security hole that looks at EVERY file and place you go (AVG and others, at least for the FREE edition admitted they will track and use info collected for commercial purposes--we have to TRUST they don't do that for the PAID editions) and may even send or allow you to access an unsafe site with "phoney" Certficates of Authority because of how some Anti-virus works.

    No use for any of the 3rd party PC or Identity snake oil. I'll just keep the protection I have today and not use the 3rd party services if it is included. While it is sad Dish is doing this, it is INFURIATING that AARP is doing this becase they allow, and imply an endorsement by allowing it, high interest credit cards and highly restrictive, uneccessary TERM life insurance to its members, and AARP knows better and ought to protect its highly suseptable, elderly, confused members from such "bad deals." I just read the newletter/mag and THROW OUT the trash products they try to sell me.
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  19. Under current pricing once you add it you need to keep it for 6 months. If you cancel before that Dish charges you $30. So you pay for the first month right away, then if you cancel it ends up costing you a total of $36 and you have shorter coverage. If you keep it for 6 months it costs you a total of $48 and you get 6 months of no service charges if a Tech comes to visit you.

    I actually added it when I upgraded to an H3 system. I anticipated problems o_O so it was worth the security to me. After my 6 months is up I will probably drop the plan to save the $8 per month.
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  20. That is absolutely 100% correct.

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