Dish Hopper man burned down our barn

Discussion in 'DISH Network Support Forum' started by ElizabethAlsop, Feb 16, 2017.

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  1. My wife and I love Howard Stern. We might be acolytes! LOL
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  3. Well, then...Is your barn still intact? :D
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  4. I'm thinking she didn't pm DIRT.
  5. I live on a cattle ranch and am on SatGuys daily, and I still would've never thought to come here for that problem! :)
  7. We have seen people come here for stranger reasons.
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  8. One guy came here to talk up Elon Musk last year. That was fun. Bob Haller ate it right on up.
  9. Me too...And I don't troll Satellite guys!
  10. OP never said the ladder was ON the roof. I read it as the ladder was leaned against the roof. I guess it's possible if the ladder was against the house and fell over (assuming with the guy on it), it could take out the line going to the house and maybe that line was going over the barn?
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  11. I think you're reading way too much into this.

    Clearly this the most ridiculous story ever concocted.
    And then some...
  12. This sounds like total BS to me.
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  13. That comment is funny, with your choking Captain Kirk icon to the left of it, lol! I love it...
  14. yeah, if this did really happened, then coming to SatelliteGuys won't be the right way to deal with a barn fire caused by a faulty instalation of a satellite dish, let alone let a TV set be inside a barn just for their animals.

    if it really happened, then don't come here to address this issue, call the police, the fire marshall, the insurance company, Dish and maybe a lawyer. this is a major issue that this site may not help you.

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  15. I am pretty sure the dish was located on the house not the barn and that no animals were watching reality TV when this allegedly happened. But I hope that Ms. Alsop gets the compensation she deserves.
  16. This one appears to be fake, and if it were real there would be nothing SatelliteGuys could do about it as we are not DISH. So because of that I am going to close this one before it takes of (more than it has) on a life of its own. :)
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