Dish is blocking OTA CBS


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Sep 26, 2003
Burbs of Dallas Texas
When Dish dropped Local/CBS also lost my OTA for CBS. Tried to re-add OTA/CBS but it will not lock in . Can they do that. It looks as though they are blocking OTA CBS channel. I am using a 811. :mad:

Dish is really pushing me to the limit.
Thanks guys. It is probably me. I will take another look at it tonight.

I too don't think they could do that. It was there before and now gone
so something did happen.

Thanks for the reply
Think of it this way. The contact dispute was about RE-BROADCASTING the CBS signal in 16 markets. Receiving this OTA has nothing to do with re-broadcasting the signal. My 921 still picks up CBS just fine in the San Francisco area.
Maybe in response to the Viacom ads/proproganda, Dish is flying black helicopters around and jamming the OTA CBS stations... :D

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