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Apr 18, 2008
DENVER – Lured by a warm winter day, young tech workers wearing T-shirts, beards and thick-framed glasses poured from the doors of Dish Network's new software campus in downtown Denver for the lunch hour.

Others gathered in a social room at the warehouse-sized office, where colleagues played foosball and ate in the glow of televisions hooked to the company's satellite service.

"I think downtown has made tech cool in Colorado and has made it fun," says John Swieringa, Dish's executive vice president of operations, as he offers a tour of the company's office.



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Apr 9, 2006
Imagine what the new owners will do with such perks and Silicon Valley-like working conditions? I can't see Verizon keeping all that. They's from Jearsy. :).

I thought software coders got paid decently. One of the sectors just dying for people to hire, and it is pretty much the future where a lot of jobs will be available. AFAIK, we in the USA have to still bring people from foreign countries--and at costly wages--to fill these jobs because we don't have an educational system that produces those who would be compitent in those jobs. High technical, design (like using CADD), or any other career that relies upon math and engineering, the USA ALWAYS has to bring people in from overseas. That's our educational system.

Now, many of these people may not be hired full-time with benifits if the job is temporary, but the wages are often higher than some full-time people in such jobs get.

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