DISH is sending an 811 replacement


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Nov 7, 2003
Well, after having a week with my new 811 I have had the following problems:

DD Optical Out sends a signal even with the receiver off
Aspect modes not working properly
Sound volume changes from loud to soft to loud again
Locks up after watching OTA digital channel and going back to satellite. Unplugging it and plugging it back in fixes it.

I know the aspect thing is supposed to be fixed with software. Wife isn't happy with it at all and wants our money back. I told her give the replacement a chance. My best friend has an HDTV and I've suggested DISH for him, but I told him to wait now because of the 811 issues. The Advanced Tech Support lady wasnt happy with me when I told her that the 811 has been nothing but junk since we got it. Lets see how this replacement works out. I told her I wanted it shipped directly to me because I didn't want to have to play installer roulette with the supply like most other people have gone through.
Good Luck Neutron, I hope the next one works out better.
I honestly haven't played with mine a whole lot, I have a 721 hooked to the TV as well and I use it to watch SD TV with, I primarily am only using the 811 for HD.
Until they get the aspect thing fixed, I have to revert to an S-video cable for SD.

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