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Mar 8, 2006
Poinciana Place, FL
Dish just called me and offered me the Starz package for $9.01 per month. The price was to last indefinetly. Anyone else get this call?

PS.. I wasn't interested.


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Jan 5, 2007
Richmond VA
they had just called me as well, offered 7.01 per month for starz, he said "i see you have showtime..." i told him i didnt like it too much was going to cancel next month anyway, then he said he would give it to me for free until 1/24/08, so i said sure to it all, plus go on and get the 40 buck rebate form :) thats 25 from showtime and 40 from starz, all for 21 bucks (min 3 month sub to starz) :)

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