Dish lost my 811 order... what should I do?


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Dec 13, 2003
On Dec 4th, I order an 811 receiver from Dish and was told the installation would be Dec 18th. After hearing about all the people having trouble with installers not showing up and moving install dates without notice, I thought I would call today to confirm my appointment.

When I talked to the CSR, he said there was NO work order for an 811 and there wasn't even a record of the call ever made.

Now I am wondering what I should do. I worry about ordering it again and then ending up with two receivers.

Do I stay home from work on Thursday with the possibility that an installer will show up?

I called 1-800-333-DISH. Is there another number I could call? The people answering the phones there don't seem to have a clue.
Order another one. You will not get either one this year. As a matter of fact, order several, and you might just get lucky and get one of them.
Now now Jerry, your jadedness is showing through.

First thing I'd do is check my account or credit card for a charge from Dish Network. If you don't have a record, you can rest assured it has been lost before it was processed. Then order another one.
That is the problem with Dish Network. They confirm this was ordered, that credit was applied, or that they will give you this deal or give you this to make up for that, then you call back and that CSR says there is no knowledge of this because its not in the notes. I have to go into great detail it seems and repeat over and over to make sure the CSR has put certain things in the notes and call back a couple of times to make sure they put them there. Sometimes they dont. Watch out for this when you have problems.

Even their PIN they had on the account wouldnt work because they would not ask for it when you would call back. This was a while back, hopefully they fixed this issue by now.

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