Dish made bid to acquire MetroPCS


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Mar 31, 2008
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chiodo said:
....or you can pay $10 per month and get "Twinkies @Home" where Dish sends out a box of Twinkies to your house every week.

"Twinkles @ Home!" ROFLMAO! :D

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Apr 9, 2006
I don't think Charlie wants to be, primarily, in the cell phone business. I think his motive is wireless TV Everywhere available on your cell phone. Dish's entry would be all about the TV Everywhere, and the cell phone purchase and voice plan--now all about the "data" and not about the voice service as evidenced by new plans that have voice free but charge for data--are utterly secondary. Charlie has said they can still partner, but what Dish brings to a partner isn't voice spectrum (wireless folks don't need that now), but DATA spectrum. What data does Dish have to enhance a wireless carriers offerings? TV Everywhere. All IMHO.