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Apr 8, 2005
I just converted from VOOM to DISH.

The E* install tech was able to use the VOOM dish mount for
the model 500 dish that E* uses.

The wiring remained the same as he was able to use the previous
V* wiring for both the dish and the OTA antenna.

Since I am receiving all my local channels on the OTA antenna I did
not need the larger Super E* Dish.

I was disapointed to see that the model 811 had only a OPTICAL
sound output where VOOM had Optical and COAX. I had to round up
a optical cable ASAP.

So far everything looks accceptable on SD and HD.

I will miss VOOM !


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Apr 14, 2004
Allen, Texas
Did you get Dish or Directv? You keep saying Dish and D. But D is for Directv.

Mr Tony

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Nov 17, 2003
Mankato, MN
welcome arty:wave

If you run into any issues, check out the Dish Network area here at satelliteguys :)

There's lots of us who can help out


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Jul 22, 2004

You may have wanted to get the superdish anyways for the locals, I am guessing that you have no locals guide info data unless your local stations were on the 110/119 sat locations on your 811.

I also have an 811 and they do not provide guide programing info for the over the air channels, but they have a feature that will put the OTA channels right next to the Sat local channels if you receive your locals from them, that way you can see the programming info on your 811 ota channels just by looking at the channel directly under it (which will be the sat local channel) if you also get your locals from dish. The deal i got when i had it installed last year was i don't have to pay for sat locals so it is a no brainer cost wise!!


Feb 25, 2005
lexington ky
I don't understand, I am getting dish installed friday and have an upgraded antenna that voom gave me. SHould I not use that antenna. I was assuming the dish/voom receiver would work the same. Do they scan for locals the same way as voom?What do I need to ask for? I want to be sure I get the best available option for the local channels.


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Jan 31, 2004
well heres the problem that i ran into , thats why i went with the 811 too, because it was supposed to pick up the local channels from the ota antenna from voom, well i had the dish tech out yesterday, and we hooked up the ota antenna coax from voom and it would not pick up any at all hooked to the 811, scanned but didnt find any, so he gets hold of his boss because it still works on the voom rec. so his boss tells me to go to radio shack and pick up a power booster? thats what i need to hook it up to the 811 in order for it to work, so i go to radio shack to get one and the salesman said we used to sell them, but we no longer have them, now how do i get it to work without a power booster to hook it up to the 811 after voom shuts the stb off?

Night Train

Mar 7, 2005
Littleton, CO
Sounds like your pre-amp is not getting power. You can get Channel Master pre-amps at Lowes also. I got the upgraded antenna from Voom with no pre-amp, so I went and got my own. No more rain fade.

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