Dish Network 811: Device Codes for Onkyo


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Jun 14, 2004
I am trying to control my Onkyo A/V Recevier (SR601) using my Dish Network 811 remote control. So far I haven't found a device code that controls the Onkyo's power ON/Off function. 2642 works for volume control, but I would like a code that will power the A/V receiver on and off AND control volume.
Has anybody solved this one?
Onkyo Device codes

Yes, I see the 2642, 2660, 2662, and 2678 listings. These did not work for controlling the Power ON/OFF for my Onkyo 601 receiver. 2642 worked for controlling volume
The Onkyo receivers have discrete on & off. The Dish Network remotes doesnt recognize these. All you are going to get is volume.

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