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Apr 4, 2004
Has anybody sucessfully married an access card from an ISD 2200 receiver to a 4000 receiver. What kind of compatibility issues are there between access cards and various receivers.
Sorry to disappoint you all.

No, not a hacker, Just someone who's ISD 2200 receiver decided to die. I located a 4000 receiver at a very good price with no access card. It makes sense to use the access card from my old ISD 2200 in that case. What is the point of buying a receiver with access card? You then end up with two access cards and one functional receiver. The cards seem to be more valuable than some receivers.
Chances are Echostar won't let you transfer the smartcard over from your old receiver. Instead they would send you a new card for your 4000.
DISH is upgrading their smart cards so Scott is probably right. Though I just checked my 5000 and it does not show Dish 500 ready. If you were the original owner of that 2200 you should be a long time existing customer who would qualify for upgrade promotions. You should be able to get a DVR 510 for $99.00 with a 1 year warranty.
I did similar card's transfer for a couple my relatives last months without problem - call CSR and provide your info, tell them your old 2200 is dead, you got from fleamarket other 4000 and your smartcard still the same.
You just have to talk to the right person, but I know that it is possible to put a smart card from one receiver to another because I have done it before to see if the receiver or smart card went bad. They discovered it was a bad smart card.
#1 Deactivate the receiver with the card you want to use and remove it from your account completely.

#2 Put the old card in your new receiver

#3 Call and activate the new receiver with the old card.

If you don't say anything to the CSR about it being a used card then you will not have a problem :)
Yea, what claude said. Sorry, I wasnt accusing you of hacking, just poking a little fun at rolltide for his helpful response to your first question :)

At worst i would think you could send the old card back to dish and they would send you a new one free.
Dish recently mailed me a new smart card for my 6000......can anyone tell me why they are changing out cards? Are the new cards more secure? Don't really matter, I
got the 811/Hd in a box upgrade so my 6000 will probably be going to Ebay.
They are trying to deter hackers, starting with the receivers that are hacked more, and are going for a premium as a result.
"Followup" The card swap from the 2200 to the 4000 was accomplished with Dish CSR help with no problems. Thanks for all of your comments.

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