Dish Network Hopper/Joey


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Nov 2, 2018
Revely1221 here,

In theory as an installer a significant amount of time is wasted on downloading Joey software. To the best guess or info you may have is there a way to download Joey software onto a thumb drive so it can inserted and downloaded directly from the Joey itself and quicker than having to wait on Moca to pick it up identify version and update or install . This would be so much more efficient if it could and save so much more time.
If I knew the format that would at least be a start. I do some coding but novice at best. Any ideas guys?
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Feb 16, 2008
And also on downloading the Hopper software! Why can't they ship with this already installed?

The Hoppers usually come with relatively recent software but like Bobby said, it's the version at the time of manufacture. I update all Hoppers on the bench before they go to the customer's house. The Joey's don't take that long on site as long as you have a plan. :)