Dish Network in RV with Winegard SK1000 Traveler


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Aug 5, 2021
Sioux Falls, SD
Newbie here with a help request. We fulltime in our motor home and have Dish on the Western Arc satellites. I have Wally’s in the coach. While traveling in the North and East we lose HD on local channels. I understand that Dish is using the Eastern Arc birds for HD local.

Sometime ago a nice guy instructed me how to manually select the correct satellites to get the Eastern arc ones, but I can’t remember how to do it to get the two aligned to get all the channels. I tried it the other day, selected 61.5 and when I ran the switch test it gave me only one, 61.5 with an asterisk on the 1000 and about 50-60 on signal meter in setup.

My dish has the 3 LNB’s (?) for 100-119 & 129 and the Eastern Arc dishes only use two(?). Can anyone help out a complete Newbie?

Thanks in advance!


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Sep 7, 2003
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If you are a full timer you would do well to invest in a second, Eastern Arc, LNB that has two eyes, one for 61.5 and the other for 72.7. Then when you are in the east you can simply replace the LNB on your dish and get the HD locals that you need.