Dish Network NOT honoring their deal


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Dec 21, 2003
I signed up with Dish Network for their Service advertised on their site on 12/3/03. It was value pack $49.99/month (Top 100, and HBO HD, value pack). Under this plan, Dish Network suppose to provide me Two receiver 811 and 301 and Two Dishes. I had to maintain minimum of $24.99 plan for a year otherwise pay $240 penalty. After one year, I would own all the above equipments.

Based on above terms and condition, Dish Network charge my credit card for 49.99. My appointment for installation date was 12/13/03 between 8AM to 12AM.

On 12/12/03 at 2.30pm, Julie from Dish Network's office(phone# 800-799-3246 x 3000) called me and reconfirmed my appointment. On 12/13/03 till 11.35am nobody showed up, so I called 800-799-3246 enquiring about the delay. They gave me their contractor's (JK Satellite 718-837-4381) number and asked to contact them directly. I called JK Satellite and talked to their manager Mark. He apologized for missing the appointment and promised me evening time of between 5pm-7pm. Till 6.30pm nobody showed up, so I called again. Mark again apologized saying the 811 receiver is not available to them and he will receive them on Monday and they will come and install the Dish etc on 12/17/03 8.00AM sharp.

I called Dish network (800-333-3474) and reported about this. Dish Network gave me a backup date of 12/18/03 8am-12pm, in case JK satellite does not show up.

On 12/17/03, JK satellite did not show up, so I reported this to Dish Network. They confirm my 12/18/03 backup appointment and gave me their dispatcher's number (phone# 800-799-3246 ). I called 800-799-3246 and spoke to Megan on ext 3031. Megan was unable to see my work order, so I made conference call between their Main office. After 2 hours of call, their corporate office(CSR: Phillip) were able to fix and work order was assigned to their new office(800-799-7175).
I was give a new date of 12/20/03 between 8-12AM. On 12/19/03 again I was told by Dish network office (CSR: Adrian) that the Dish network technician will come on 12/22/03 at 8AM and install the Dish. On 12/19/03, I called to make sure that they will come on Monday morning. Dish Network confirmed my appointment and availability of 811 and 301 receivers.

On 12/21/03 at 3.50pm, Dish Network left a message that they don't have 811 receiver and cancelled the appointment. I called them at 7.30pm to reschedule. The Dish Network CSR connected me to their corp-office (CSR: Phillip, same guy above) and Phillip told me that they no longer provide 811 receiver and only available if I buy their HD TV under $999 plan.
I asked them why are they not honoring their earlier commitment, he said that 811 are not available and he would cancel my order and return my money. I asked him not to cancel my order, but he said he already cancelled my work order.

During this period 12/13/03 and 12/20/03, Dish network did not show up three times and not inform me. I had to say home as part of Dish Network requirement for installation. and now they don't want to honor their deal.

I am also plan to file a complain this to FCC tomorrow.

Any advice?

Chopper, sic balls.

That was totally unfair to you madan5b, this is some pretty bad customer service. This is one fine reason why I try not to promise a date until I have the product in my hands and try to do all these deals for customers myself for those in my local area.

I have seen posted in another thread where some were wondering if they would still be honered the deal that they had even though the purchase of the HD tv with 811 package was being required to get an 811. I guess if you are in that situation and you read this thread that you have your answer.

I would file a complaint with the Attorney General in your state. You also need to email to see if they will respond, although I have heard that they will not respond back a lot of times.
I have a coworked at the office that's had three appointments rescheduled trying to get a 522 and 322 installed. Is Charlie and company trying to tick off every possible person that they can lately?
Madan, we feel your pain, have several threads going on, not going to rehash mine.. just that I am in the EXACT same situation except that they actually called a day ahead of time to cancel each of the three times and they haven't had the nerve to charge my credit card - yet!

I'm seriously considering pulling out of the 811/301 deal if its not in by this Sunday (reading the other threads, its literally FEBRUARY now that we can expect the boxes in), waiting till April or so, and see who can get me the best new sub deal on an HD recorder type deal.
Dish shoud give you a 6000 receiver for free given what you went through. It makes no sense for them to fail to honor the offer to give you the 811.
At least, also, you can be fairly confident that the 6000 will work.
I agree with bluuz, although it seems like it takes a year or two for some of their new products to get the bugs out, sometimes there is still an advantage to getting the newer product.

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