Dish Network Service I have a couple of questions


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Nov 2, 2008
Like I said I recently bought their service, their suppose to come to install it tomorrow so i just wanted to get some info about it before i get it. These are my questions and thanks to the people who answer.

1.How long does it usually take to install?(They told me 5-6 hours) I got Tv, Phone,and internet.
2.I dont know if i can ask this but is the AT&T dsl through satellite aswell?
3.Are there alot of issues with Dish when it comes to rain? I live in Central Florida
4.What exactly is a Dual Dvr? Does this mean 2 tvs can record on 1 dvr?
5.I had cable and loved it, but it was way to expensive compared to AT&T/Dish so should i have switched and will i like it?
6.Lastly does anyone know when you do a bundle deal can you change options?

Thanks for your help


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Oct 27, 2008
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1. Yes. Depending on the complications of your house for wiring, it can be 5-6 hours.
2. The DSL is run though your phone line.
3. Your satellite always has the chance of going out but generally only goes out in very heavy rain and especially thunderstorms. Normally it is out long at all. However, your DVR service will still work if your dish goes out.
4. A dual DVR allows two TV's to be connected and share the DVR. Your second TV will have an RF remote, allowing the second TV to be mostly anywhere in your house.
5. You will like the new plan better.
6. You can still change programming options with Dish while bundles. Mostly likely you are in an 18-24 month contract, but they let you change programming anytime.

Hope this helps!

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May 3, 2007
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I'll try my best
  1. If they said 5-6 , Then I'm sure thats what it will take.
  2. DSL is through phone lines , and Dish most likly isn't going to do much. for that. I know Verizon just send out a modem and filters for you to install your self. But maybe Dish does it different with ATT.
  3. I'm in northeastern Pa and I've had minimal rain fade. But living in Florida Thunderstorms will effect your signal for a brief time at the start of a thunderstorm. Same as everywhere.1-15 minutes is about the average. 22 minutes is the most time I was out this year. Cable was out for 2 days from this storm.
  4. Dual DVR is 2 rooms recording on yes, 1 DVR. Works good, But has some downfalls, If your recording in the living room and you want to watch something else at the same time , well then the 2nd TV has to watch what your recording.
  5. Cable has Neighboring locals and more Premiums (HBO Cinemax) then satellite , But the DVR's are fantastic. and PQ is great as well.
  6. I'm not a fan of bundle packs from Satellite providers. Changing options can be done , but most times not as easy,and sometimes you might not get certain promotions. I don't like bundle packs that Satellite providers offer.

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