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Dec 1, 2003
I am new to this board, but I did do a search here and elsewhere but I am still confused about DishNetwork wiring/multi-switch setups.

What I'd really love to have is a link to a good website showing all the different ways that a dishnetwork system can be wired up (so I can just figure this stuff out on my own), but if that's not possible, then just an answer to my specific situation would be nice.

I currently have two receivers, a 508 and a 4700. I have a Legacy Dish500 system with two dual LNBF's feeding two SW21's, one for each receiver.

I want to replace my 4700 receiver with a 921 (as soon as it's available), and receive programming at the 921 from 110, 119 and 61.5, and continue to get signals from 110 and 119 on the 508. (this is based on my understanding that HD content will remain on 110 for now with the exception of HBO-HD, SHO-HD and CBS-HD, all of which I want, which are on 61.5 at least for now.. I think the only thing I won't get is PPV-HD (which would be nice) because as I understand it, that's only available at 148).

Obviously, I need a 'dish 300' style dish (single satellite dish) to look at the 61.5 satellite, but what's the easiest (ie: least expensive) way to get this all working and all the right signals where they need to go. I don't mind running new cables as necessary, and I doubt I'll be adding any additional receivers for a while, if ever.

Alternatively, assuming that Dish moves HBO-HD and CBS-HD over to 110 before I manage to get my hands on a 921, then I'd just need my existing Dish500 setup, but I'd still need help getting that wired up to the new receiver because the 921 has dual satellite inputs versus the single input of the 4700 it will be replacing.

Thanks in advance for graciously sharing your wisdom.
Try snooping around here:
Actually, that was one of the first links that came up when I tried to figure this out, but my situation is not one of the four that they chose to showcase, so I don't think it helps me. Since they don't explain 'why' these four setups work, I can't necessarilly learn from them what other setups will also work.

The third setup is close, but I've got dual-dual LNB's on my Dish 500, and I will 'sort of' have 3 receivers since the 921 has dual satellite tuners.
Thinking about it, you may want to switch out the lnbs to Pro types. Then utilize a DP34 switch. Makes everything much easier.
Are any of your local channels on 61.5, if they are DISH will install a second dish and switches free?
If you have Chicago locals, there are 5 stations on the wing satellite (61.5)
WGBO 66(Univision)
WSNS 44 (Telemundo)
WXFT 60 (Telefutura)
WJYS 62 (Ind)

Call up Dish and tell them you want to get the extra dish to receive these channels (you may not watch them, but still call them)

They will install the dish AND ANY SWITCHES (equipment) NECCESSARY to receive these channels. Since you have 2 duals with a 21, they would have to replace it with a 64, or they might just swap everything out to dishpro...and the cost of this?? FREE!!! (well, time lost waiting for them to show up)

When one of my locals (a PBS station) was on the wing slot, I had the same thing (2 duals & switches). When they came out, they swapped my 2 duals to a Legacy Twin (I had a 4000 that isnt DP compatible) and gave me the switches and everything..Took about an hour. Funny part is about a month later, they moved the station from 61.5 to 110 (with the rest of the locals), so the dish wasnt really needed anymore :)
Since your 4900 (the 4700 got upgraded) is a legacy receiver, they may put in a Twin like they did for Iceberg. You do NOT want a legacy Twin because it will never support more than 2 tuners. Find out ahead of time what they will be installing. If they won't take your future plans into account you may have to wait until after the 921 is on your account to order the side slot dish.
I do get the Chicago locals, and I was thinking that since I get all the ones I 'want' at 110, I'd have to purchase the equipment for 61.5... so let me get this straight (I think I still have a decision to make here).

If I call up Dish now and say I'd like to get my locals off 61.5, they will set me up with what I need, free of charge, BUT, the set up might not support my addition of the 921 when I manage to get my hands on one, right? In fact, it might be worse if they give me a 'twin' and take my two dual LNBs. And at that point, it would be up to me to purchase whatever I need to get the 921 hooked up in place of my 4900, but at least I wouldn't need the dish itself (nor would have have to actually install the dish, which is not that big of a deal anyways).

If I wait until I have the 921 in hand, I won't be able to 'fully' hook it up with the switches/wiring I've got (will it work at all with only one feed hooked up instead of two?). I then call Dish and say I want my other locals and they send out a guy, but won't he see that I've got a 921 not hooked up, and that what I really want is my HBO-HD, SHO-HD and CBS-HD and I'm just looking for a free 61.5 dish and switches? I mean, he'd be doing more than just adding my locals at that point, he'd be hooking up my new receiver 'fully'.

Which way do you guys think I should go? Although the prospect of getting some or all of this equipment free sounds nice, now I'm even a bit more confused as to what I should do.

One thing that might weigh into my decision... let's say they come and remove my dual-dual LNB's for a Twin, do they take my two dual LNB's with when they leave, or do I keep them?

Here's another thing to take into consideration (maybe)... I've got an old 2700 in my basement that the 508 replaced. Maybe I could ask for my additional locals, and tell them that I'm hooking up the third receiver now, and they would set that up? When I get the 921 I just feed the signal from the un-needed 3rd receiver to the 921 and cancel the extra receiver charge (well, I'd cancel the extra receiver charge the next month anyways).

Ahhh.... so confused.
If you plan on getting the 921 when it comes out, I would wait until you have it in your hands and then call to add the extra dish.

If you are going to wait a while (6 months or so), have them come out and install it now. Hooking up the older receiver would actually hurt because right now you have only 1 receiver that won't work with DishPro. If you add the other receiver, the odds of them adding a legacy LNB is almost a given. Keep the 2 receivers setup. Ask what equipment they are bringing. If they bring DishPro out, they would install a DishPro twin and a Dish300 Single (dishpro) connected with a DP34. That will give you 4 outputs. They would have to hook up a legacy adapter to the 4900, but you would be all set for the 921..

To make it a little easier---
Getting 921 right away...wait
Waiting on 921 for a while....make sure they bring DishPro LNB's out. If they arent, then wait..

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