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Mar 25, 2006
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Greetings All:

My 622 HDMI output has failed. I tried the usual troubleshooting techniques: replacing the cable, rebooting, connecting my HDMI DVD player to bother HDMI inputs on my TV.

I contacted Dish and they said they will not exchange my reciever even though I am on the product protection plan. (The component video out works). They mentioned there is a known issue with the receivers and they haven't fixed it yet.

I read in a forum that there was a "design flaw", but don't thinkhis should be acceptable.

Does anyone have any ideas on how I should proceed? Any thoughts?

Ideally, I want to feed my TV with only one cable.

Thanks in advance for your advice..

Scott Greczkowski

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Sep 7, 2003
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Call back and tell them Mark Jaskson the President of Echostar stated on the tech chat that if your having HDMI issues to call for a replacement.

If they still do not replace your unit ask the operator for their operator id then ask for their coach and repeat. Ask the coach for their id as well.

If that dont work email and include the operator ID numbers you were given. (Also tell them your a SatelliteGuys member, this alone has been known to work wonders) :)


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Mar 5, 2006
Boy there must be some kind of formula as to who gets a replacement receiver right away and who doesn't on this issue. My HDMI just crapped out a few weeks ago, I called and they immediately sent me a different reciever. It was here in two days. I wonder if it has anything to do with the package you have etc.... I have only been back with Dish since last August, however I do have the Plantinum package, or whatever it's called now. I wonder how long this receiver's HDMI will last.


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Apr 30, 2005
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Mark Jackson also said that: "We'v tooled up a new connector...." (HDMI) He repeated that he thought the original HDMI socket design was flimsy and subject to failure. The new HDMI socket config was confirmed for me by someone in the receiver division. I got one of the "new HDMI" configs, but have no way of knowing which sets in the pipeline have it. I doubt that the CSRs or most Tech know either. Or if they even know there is a hardware fix.

Never mind that the president of Echostar Technologies said there was a fix. This appears to be another case where CSRs/Techs are not kept up-to-date on what is going on with receivers. Some are still saying that HDMI will be fixed in a software update. Nonsense!

If you have an HDMI problem and have done the usual troubleshooting, I would always call a Tech, not a CSR. I got two 622s with bad HDMI replaced by Techs over the months without a hassle. Finally, a fourth 622 - through another channel - that had the HDMI fixed. But, sadly it has several other problems. Still hoping for a 622 that works on all 8 cylinders. Maybe there is some bad technology Karma in my house. Surely I am in a minority being on my 4th 622 and looking for my 5th.

Claude Greiner

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Sep 8, 2003
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Just tell them your 622 is DOA, will not power up or do anything. Then there is no arguement and they will send out a replacement.

Just play dumb on the phone when they attempt to trouble shoot it, and pretend the check the power cord Etc.


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Apr 30, 2005
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I replayed the Tech Forum for Feb 12, 2007: Here are some of Mark Jackson's comments re HDMI:

An e-mail from Ken who complained that his HDMI quit working and was told it would be fixed in a software update, but that did not happen.

"Well, Ken, my opinion is that your HDMI connector is broke (sic broken). That connector in my opinion is a flawed design from the Industry Standards Group.... and the fact that its surface mount has little bitty pins and if you tweak it a little bit, the pins pop right off the board. So my guess is that it is not software that is going to fix it. I think the connector is physically detached inside .... and you need to RA the box to us .... and I bet you that will make it (HDMI) start working again .... We'v tooled up a new connector .... so we're making a through-hole connector not a surface mount."

Mark apologized for all the problems the HDMI socket had caused in the past.

Cut and paste this posting and read it back to the next CSR/TECH who tells you HDMI will be fixed in a software update and/or that they will not RA your 622 with the bad HDMI. And paste into any thread where people are still guessing wildly about the status of HDMI on the 622. I think Mark was about as clear as he could be. And this is the second Tech Forum where he has said the original HDMI socket was flimsy and subject to mechanical failure.


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Apr 30, 2005
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Yeah if you had that many sounds like something else is going on.

That's for sure. I have been involved with hi-end technology for about 60 years, been a ham for 55 years, build my own computers, been a DVR sub since early 500 series (my 510 still works great), and DBS sub since 1994 - and have had a bunch of gear from E* and D*.

I have been working for months with engineering techs and others to narrow down some of the problems I have had with HDMI, corrupted recordings, OTA tuner anomalies, etc. My house looks like an extension of BB or CC. Of all the HDTV gear, home theater, ham gear, computers, etc., I have had the most problems with the 622. "Something else" is going on for sure.


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Oct 2, 2003
If its the connector that comes loose, anyone have any luck opening the case and pushing down on the HDMI port to put it back in the socket or is it a solder joint type of problem?


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Mar 12, 2006
Mine failed so I looked at the connector. It was soldered on the board at an angle causing the surface mount pins to pop off the board. I put pressure on the connector and reheated the four thru hole shell pins to reseat it properly, then reheated the surface mount conductors. Been woirking fine for six months now.


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Oct 2, 2006
If its the connector that comes loose, anyone have any luck opening the case and pushing down on the HDMI port to put it back in the socket or is it a solder joint type of problem?

Current HDMI connector is 'surface mount', Dish is working on a 'through hole'
version but ECN's take awhile.


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Sep 19, 2005
My HDMI has never worked properly. Everything is green when I use the HDMI. I called Olevia and replaced the connector panel for my LCD TV thinking that was the problem. Didn't fix anything.

Funny thing is that the colors look fine for a split second, then the picture goes green. I can still see video its just green. The fact that it always works for a split second gives me hope that it is a software issue with the HDMI handshaking.

If not I'll have to call for a replacement. Thank goodness I have the protection plan.


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Feb 26, 2006
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Spliff - Yes, yours does sound like a "handshake" issue vs. the ubiquitous HDMI hardware failure. I have posted many times on this subject, and I have always allowed that SOME failures could be SW related. But I have always contended that the bulk of them are hard failures, usually one or more of the SM legs of the socket breaking free of the circuit board. One possible solution is to migrate to a through-hole design. Sounds like that is what E* is doing. Too bad that can't be an easy retrofit for the fielded units that develop the problem over time.

There are some things the users can do, like not wiggling the HDMI plug excessively (and preventing any inadvertent movement), off-loading the weight of the HDMI cable from the plug, and making sure the unit gets LOTS of ventilation to prevent thermal cycling from contributing to the problem...


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Mar 23, 2007
I suffered for months with the same problem. I was able to get them to credit me $150 spread over 6 months by asking. When that time period was over, I called and bittered complained and started asking for supervisors. Then they majically told me they'd replace the receiver. The new one works fine with the HDMI. So you know they can help if they want.

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