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Apr 10, 2011
Is there an advantage of using Dish Online vs Hulu to watch a TV program that I missed? From what I've looked at the content appears the same for both.

Or is there a way to use Dish Online to watch these same programs using the Dish DVR and viewing on my HDTV vs the computer monitor?


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Feb 7, 2011
Several of the shows I've checked out on Hulu though they may pause for a second at the spots you'd expect, it didn't play commercials.

I thought that it might also be the blocks I have on some sites (ads mostly) but when those blocks happen for Hulu's in show ads, I get a message on screen that lasts as long as an ad screen would (if not longer), that tells me that they couldn't show me the ad because I was blocking it/them ....

As to the "on my tv screen" many laptops come with HDMI ports now, and your computer may have a DVI connector that might support DVI to HDMI (your video card might need to support HDCP) ... I connect my laptop in all the time when showing something on Youtube... bring out the 10 foot yellow DVI cable... plug it into the tv and poof.. well not "poof" like smoke poof.. but poof like voila ...:D
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Mar 14, 2008
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They are very similar because I believe Dish is using Hulu for there DishOnline service. At least I think I was told that.


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Jun 3, 2009
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As for watching on HDTV...I suppose you have a HDTV receiver....on my 722K...I can access some should on demand....from 722K & watch it on HDTV. The interface is not so smooth as DishOnline....but it gets the job done.


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Feb 7, 2011
Yup a lot of the content on DISHONLINE is from Hulu.
which to some of us is one of the biggest negatives when its used out of place.

ie.. on my dvr I have the Late Late Show w/Craig Ferguson ... and one of my first experiences was of having clicked the BIG lettering next to that icon (the icon again for content Dish Online recognized from *my* dvr) ... and after clicking that more prominent line ... I get to the next page, where I think I'll be able to start playback on my DVR event ... and I'm presented with hundreds of potential playback things from Hulu!


See below... I ask you.. which are you more likely to click on.. that *tiny* blue play button next to "Late Late Show"? or that HUGE PLAY BUTTON in the middle of your screen?


The *worst* of that, was that my 1 show was listed.. but at such a small font and with such a tiny play icon... that it was dwarfed by the HUGE area that is normally for video playback, which also had a HUGE playback button ... imagine my surprise (furious anger)... when I clicked the more prominent "Play" button only to see the "hulu" whirlygig..

And that I started from *my* DVR ... I didn't intend to initiate a search, didn't ask the site explicitly ... no ... I clicked a link that I thought would take me to *my* DVR content.. and by default *it* loaded HULU content at the top!

I applaud that we get Hulu Content .. but there's a time and a place for it.. and to mix *MY* Dvr stuff into hulu stuff without giving me the choice *not* to see it mixed... its just wrong to me..

I know others love having it "all in one place" but I don't ... I don't mind them showing search results when I go up into a search box and type .. I don't mind if they give me a deliberate choice as a "search for" button or text next to my stuff.. but to just make it look like I'll be clicking content on my drive and then throw me to results that start with hulu (big center of screen play button)?? :( wrong..
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Sep 19, 2010
So I've been paying for HULU and I can get it all for free on DishOnline? The only thing I've really used it for was the TV Land shows that are in HD on HULU - I assume that won't change on DishOnline..
As far as I can tell, DishOnline only has the free Hulu content, not any HuluPlus content.


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Jun 9, 2005
As far as I can tell, DishOnline only has the free Hulu content, not any HuluPlus content.

There is some Hulu Plus content on there as well. My biggest complaint with Dish Online is the lack of a playback queue and subscriptions. It's hard to keep up with what you've watched, and new episodes that are released.

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