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Jul 25, 2004
Sorry, I'm sure this must be a faq, but damned if I can find it here. I'm ready to drop my Adelphia cable service (analog) for satellite and I have fairly basic needs: no HD, no premium sports or movies, just your basics: A&E, CNN, BBC, ESPN, SciFi, Comedy Central, and such.

So is there any advantage for either Dish or Directv? Cost, quality, reliability, etc.? Are there any particularly good deals available? Thanks for any suggestions.
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May 18, 2004
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Both would be about equal, if you want locals added, check each services website to make sure they carry your DMA and channels you want. Dish Network has more package break-outs were DirecTV has 3 really. So a side-by-side direct comparison of package contents can be tough. I prefer DirecTV's hardware reliability and customer service. I also want the NFL Sunday ticket. I only bring that up because DirecTV has an all-inclusive promo right now.

Cost is nearly the same on a per channel basis between the two services, however. With Dish Network is boils down to what you can live with or without. Meaning nothing bad; just 1 channel you NEED may be missing from the lower cost package as opposed to the next up; can you live without it to lower the cost vs the same package on DirecTV.

One of the users here has a comparison chart. I think this is fairly updated chart on comparison. When I find the link I will post it here.
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