Dish Refurbished Equipment Issues, too complicated to fix?


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Sep 8, 2003
Twin Cities, MN
While my original 501 just sits there chugging away, I'm on the way to having my 5th 622 installed. The main issue seems to be their refurbishment process has some real issues, or the 622's are just too complicated to be sure of refurbishment.

Just over 1 year ago it took them sending me 2 different 622's before I got one that lasted about a year (hard drive failed). Now I get the unit to replace my failed HD 622 and the replacement unit is having issues only hours after activating. (error 122 intermittently appears and the disappears off the screen).

For those that have had receivers replaced with refurbs, what is your average number of units required to get a functional refurb unit? For me, apparently it is 2, I hope. (setting up all the timers gets old)
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Apr 9, 2006
The 622's are, at least among those on this board, to be more troublesome than the subsequent 722. I have not had any need to return most of my 722's and one 722K for RMA for nearly 3 years. I am quite satisfied with the performance of the 722. I'm afraid you are most likely experiencing the 1st ViP generation factor that is the 622.


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Feb 7, 2011
I've had 625's and now 722k's. My original 625 I had for 5 years. I moved, the original was then used solely for another family member (heavy use like myself) and I added a 625 ....

the new 625 lasted 4 months ... then started having hard drive problems ... its in the same room I sleep in ... it actually woke me up one night when the drive started clunking. So .. refurb number one.. and 3 weeks later, it started clunking in the middle of the day ... the following morning after reboot drive was dead. 2nd refurb, lasted for 4 weeks .... hard drive died no clunks heard, just came to find the drive failure one morning. 3rd refurb lasted 6 months.. then ... yup.. drive failure.. the FORTH unit then lasted 2 years, till this past december I upgraded to HD 722k's.

Mind you .. this entire time, my original 625 from 2005 had performed flawlessly, and all units are plugged into 350VA UPS's. Just yesterday.. after I attempted to setup recordings for PPV movies and while the TV was off (ie. recording for view this weekend) I started getting repeated reboots. So many so, that I chatted Dish .. and I've a replacement 722k on its way.. trouble is ... as soon as 8pm rolled.. and I had no PPV movies recording, everything seemed fine again .. regular event timers for content on abc & fox, as well as FX fired normally, recorded without a problem... then at 11pm net next PPV event fired .. TV still off this entire time.. and after about an hour.. started getting reboots again. at 2:30am I started watching the stuff I had recorded from the nonPPV channels, and had no more reboots through now.. daily reboot is at 5 am.

So.. some things.. like drive failures.. I'm sure happen due to rough handling.. other stuff... dish needs to fix in firmware and just isn't owning up to it..


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Feb 26, 2010
Springfield VT
Have 2 722's my original one still going strong after at least four years or so, power failure killed the hard drive in my second one Dish replaced it but the fan is nosier than my original or the one I had before. So hopefully all goes well.


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Jun 24, 2010
It has nothing to do with being "too complicated to fix". It all has to do with the quality and the training of the people who try to fix them.

I got a refurbished 722 on a new install and since day one it sounded like the HD had square ball bearings. The receiver lasted only 10 day before it had to be replaced with another refurbished one! So far it has been 10 weeks and it is still working :).


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Sep 7, 2003
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I think my 722 went bad as well (I believe it was HD failure) but replacement going strong for 2 1/2 years now. It if did it was within the first few months. It has been so long ago that I cannot remember.


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Sep 8, 2003
Twin Cities, MN
I don't know. I ask just because it seems odd. My son had an Xbox that quit working and had to be send back for repair. The Reman unit we got back has been working fine for quite a while. My 501 has been working fine for a long time. My 510 had be replaced once, but the reman has worked for a long time. The 622 just has struggled. I can't imagine this is inexpensive for Dish to keep shipping me stuff so I can ship it back. Not to mention the hour on the toll free number trouble shooting (If I'm asked one more time if I've moved the receiver recently or if there has been a storm, I'll go insane). The current 622 waiting for the swap out to arrive keeps flashing up that my receiver isn't authorized, or it can't communicate internally. Obviously some sort of issue you would expect could be caught during re manufacture. Yet it wasn't.