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SatelliteGuys Pro picked the wrong channel

I was trying to set up a recording the other day using I selected a program on channel 2 (which is the San Francisco Fox HD channel) at 8 PM this coming Thursday. I also selected to record all new. After the timer was set up, that particular episode was skipped, even though it is the season premiere. When I checked my timers , I had two individual timers set to record the same show on Channel 247 at 5 PM, three hours earlier. Channel 247 is the all-American direct East Coast Fox. I deleted both of these timers and started over but the same thing happened. I was out of town at the time and when I got home I set it up yesterday directly on the 722. It is behaving correctly and the HD episode on channel 2 at 8 PM is scheduled to record.

Anybody else have these kind of problems?

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