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Claude Greiner

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Sep 8, 2003
Detroit - The Paris of the Midwest
What is the correct smart card Dish is using these days?

I found a factory sealed 622 the other day in my warehouse from 2011. I know there is a card in it, but not sure which one it is.

I know it’s not blue, yellow, purple or red.

Does anyone know if dish will send the right card if someone goes to activate it ?
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Your Happy Guru
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Jun 14, 2014
North Central Ohio
Purple cards (G3) still work for most packages. For Flex Pack (or any of the Channel Packs that were launched to go with Flex Pack) a G4 (white) or newer Smart Card would be required. A receiver from 2011 would probably not have the G4 card, so Dish would send a new card for that receiver if necessary.
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