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Sep 12, 2011
lets pretend had working dish 500 and 625 reciever i know how wire was at dish 2 coax s leaving and what wire was coming off of reciever up to diplexor but the wire from dish to whereever have no clue wanting to make 2 tvs work like before


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Feb 7, 2011
I'll take a stab ....

  1. a bump 40 minutes after your first post? part of the problem is that your question is a little hard to digest
  2. You are saying you *had* a working Dish 500 / 625 system before ... so the assumptions are:

  • TV2 is not working now
  • you kept all of the cables, diplexors (diplexors are used in pairs so there should be two of them, and diplexors are *not* the same as splitters)
  • you *do* currently have satellite tv working to TV1?
part of the answer may be there in the "diplexers". They are used in pairs.. a diplexer allows you to put common VHF/UHF TV signals onto the same wire that is used for the satellite's 1 ~ 2.4 G signal cable. It looks like a common splitter (but it should be labeled) and might seem a little thicker than a regular splitter (due to the circuit board inside).

One of the diplexers would be closer to your 625 receiver. The other one goes in the satellite cable line between your 625 receiver, and the dish.

Here's a diagram (it shows three TV's but the 2ndn and 3rd are just split *out from* a diplexor's TV port)

Here is an image of a diplexer, and the page it came from:

the "IN/OUT" port of both diplexers "face" each other on the line. ... like in the diagram, the RED line.. that's the cable between the IN/OUT port of the diplexers. Only TV signals go on the "TV" port, and only Satellites are connected on the "SAT" port (satellite dish at one end, and satellite receiver on the other end).

if this missed its mark.. please double check the question


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Feb 7, 2011
ALSO ... Matt G (Dish IRT) reminded me.. that there should be a separator on there ... it also looks like a splitter ... but it isn't .. its purpose is to "separate" the Sat feed line (after the diplexer at the receiver side) into Sat1 & Sat2 input feeds on the receiver. (in the diagram above it is incorrectly labeled "coax splitter" at the sat1/sat2 input ports ... I have corrected that here)

In all honesty ... if you moved all this yourself.... the best thing you could have done would be to disconnect the outside cable (red one in that diagram in my post above) leaving the diplexer, the coax to the TV2 out, and the separator connected to sat1/sat2 on the back of the receiver.. that way you'd not have any problems on the receiver side to troubleshoot.

And here is a picture of a Separator ...

Props: Matt G. :D
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