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May 12, 2004
Why on ESPNHD and now TNTHD when the program is not HD they stretch it out of proportion to fill the screen? Right now we have the choice to switch to another channel but someday this will go away. Surely they won't continue with this stupidity. Model 6000u if that makes a difference.
It doesn't matter what receiver you have it is still stretched. It is also the same on D* and V*. As an owner of a big screen CRT I'm glad they do since the my old 6000 and my new 921 over-stretch the picture.
I have an 811 and its the same way. I hate watching the short squatty stretched people. TNT is upconverting everything...I don't know how practical that is for live or taped sports....hopefully ESPN HD will change their ways.
If you watch it that way long enough you get so you don't notice it. My neighbors do sometimes, but I hardly ever do. Like I said, owning a CRT based 16:9 TV, you have to watch it that way or risk burning the phosphorus. Now once get an LCD or DLP TV, my opinion may change :).
I would strech it anyway to fill the screen, so it just helps me out. I don't notice the people being streched anymore, and its saving my HDTV.
If you own an HDTV that is subject to burn-in then yes, having the progammer strech the picture saves you the step of setting your receiver into a strech mode to prevent the possibility of burn-in.

However if you own a HDTV that is not subject to burn-in (or if you don't care about the possibility of burn-in) then having the programmer strech the picture means you have no choice in the matter due to the lack of HDTVs and receivers that have an unstrech feature.

In short if the programming is sent unstreched you have a choice of watching the program normally without the picture being distorted or of having your HDTV or receiver strech the picture to fill your screen.

But if the programming is sent streched you have the choice of watching the program with a distorted screen or not watching it at all.
TNTHD is not stretching in the same manner that ESPNHD is. ESPN uses a linear stretch mode, so everything is stretched equally across the image. TNT is using a Natural Wide mode, which stretches the middle 1/3 of the image very little and stretches progressively more toward the edges. This is very apparent if you watch a commercial or a show that has something like a fence or some object that is equally spaced out across the screen.

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